Here are the rules of the New Jersey Devils Wiki. Please obide them or suffer the consequences of breaking them.

If you have an idea of a rule, new or change of the rule, please contact all administrators with your idea and they will consider it or decline your idea.


As of October 8, 2010. NOTE: If you are caught breaking any of one or more rule(s), the following 3 step system is setup to best serve everyone:

  1. First Offense, warning,
  2. Second Offense, short term ban,
  3. Third and Final Offense, lifetime ban. NO EXEMPTIONS


  1. Keep it to the topic. (The primary topic is New Jersey Devils, secondary topic Kansas City Scouts and Colorado Rockies. Rare exemption is rivalries - which will be discussed momentarily)
  2. Rivalry or rivalries team pages to a minimum. Keep it directly to New Jersey Devils ( and Rockies and Scouts) topics. Must follow the Manual of Style guide.
  3. Non-sense pages will result in a consequence.
  4. Do Not insert copyrighted information. The 3 step system is in play here too.

Files (Pictures and other file related)

  1. Keep it to the topic. Break this rule and you will be banished by our system (shown below).


  1. Blanking is a form of vandalizing,
  2. Nonsense or jibberish is also vandalizing,
  3. Personal Attacks, Flaming, Trolling, or Any unwanted things are vandalizing.